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Bazar Publishers was established in Norway, Sweden and Finland in 2002 and in Denmark in 2003. Our vision was to create an exciting and multifarious publishing house, which is why we chose the name Bazar. Our aim is to publish literature of high quality from all over the world.

Bazar is a small and vital company. We put great efforts and creativity into communicating all our exciting authorships to Nordic readers. This has given good results, and since 2002 we have been one of the bestselling Nordic publishers of translated fiction.

The world famous author Paulo Coelho is one of Bazar's strongest brands. Through our parent company Forlagshuset Bazar we have produced a gift range with Paulo Coelho for the international market, so far sold in more than two and a half million copies in fourteen languages.

Our publishing house has several success stories. 25 % of all Norwegians own a Dan Brown book, Cecelia Ahern and Ildefonso Falcones have sold hundreds of thousands of books in the Nordic countries, and Tatiana de Rosnay's book Sarah's key was firmly anchored on the Norwegian bestselling lists for two whole years. Katherine Pancol, John Boyne and Keith Richards have also reached high sales numbers and chart positions.

Our Nordic success stories


-remse Paulo Coelho

- Dan Brown

- Tatiana de Rosnay

- John Boyne

- Keith Richards

- Bernard Cornwell

- Ildefonso Falcones

- Katherine Pancol